xerox dc242 error code 042-326

error 42326 xerox

error 42326 xerox arıza hata kodu verince 05322603702 arayın. xerox 042-326 error hatası biz çö DC 240/242/250/252/260 error code 042-326

error 42326 xerox
error 42326 xerox

error 42326 xerox

Fault code Xerox DC 240/242/250/252/260/WC 7655/7665/7675/7755/7765/7775

Fault Code:Description / Notes:
002-770The Hard Drive (HDD) is over capacity
003-xxx codesGenerally: Communication Errors between boards in the machine
005-xxx codesGenerally: Document Feeder problems
005-121 thru 005-158Document Jams
005-194 thru 005-199Document size mismatch problems
005-275/280Document Feeder communication errors
005-281 thru 005-283Document Tray lift problems
005-284Document APS (Automatic Paper Sensors) failure (there are 3 sensors which detect various paper widths on the Document Feeder)
005-285Document Nudger up failure
005-286Document feed-out sensor failure
005-303Document Tray Interlock is open
005-304Document Platen Interlock opened during a job
005-305Document Top Cover Interlock opened during a job
005-306Document Tray Interlock opened during a job
005-308/309Document Left Cover is open or opened during a job
005-906 thru 005-918Document is still detected in feeder after power-on or after closing one of the document door interlocks
010-xxx codesGenerally: Fuser faults
010-311Open Fuser Thermistor was detected (white connector)
010-319 *Fuser Heat Control problem *NOTE: This code must be cleared from Diagnostic Mode… details below.
010-320 **Fuser Overheat problem… (can be reported by any of the 3 thermistors in the fuser) ** NOTE: This code must be cleared from Diagnostic Mode… details below.
010-322 thru 010-323Fuser Thermistor open circuit detected (NCCenter Sensor or Rear Thermistor)
010-324***Fuser NVM (Memory) failure *** NOTE: This code must be cleared from Diagnostic Mode… details below.
010-326 thru 010-327Fuser Heat Control problems
010-330Fuser Motor failure
010-420Fuser Module nearing end of life… NOTE: Read below for fuser count reset info.
010-421Fuser Module “End of Life”… NOTE: If the fuser is still good, you can replace the Fuser Reset Fuse (on top of the fuser) and possibly the Fuser Heat Roll to keep it running.
012-xxx codesGenerally: Finisher problems
013-xxx codesGenerally: Finisher / Booklet Maker problems
016-xxx codesGenerally: Options or Software failures
016-311Scanner not detected
024-340 thru 024-747ESS (Network Controller) problems
024-910 thru 024-917Paper size Sensing problems (in one of the paper drawers)
024-919Face Up Tray interlock open
024-920/922Face Down Tray 1 full / Face Down Tray 2 full
024-923/924/ 925Toner Cartridge Empty – Y / M / C
024-927/930OCT (Offset Catch Tray) full / Stacker Tray full
024-934 thru 024-939Paper type mismatch errors
024-946/947/ 948/949Tray not in position (T1/2/3/4)
024-950/951/ 952/953/954/ 955/956No Paper in tray (T1/2/3/4/5/6/7)
042-313Rear Fuser Cooling Fan failure
042-320/321/ 322/323Drum Motor failures – 320=Y, 321=C, 322=M, 323=K (black)
042-324IBT Belt Drive Motor failure
042-325Main Motor failure
042-326IBT Belt Home position not detected in time
042-327IBT Belt Position failure
042-328IBT Belt Edge Sensor failure
042-330Fuser Exhaust Fan failure
042-331Blower Motor Fan failure
042-600/601/ 602Belt Edge timing failures
042-603Suction Filter end of life
045-xxx codesPrinting communication failures
061-320/321ROS (Laser Unit) polygon motor failures
061-323 thru 061-607ROS (Laser Unit) problems
062-357CCD (Scanner) Fan failure
062-360Exposure Carriage position failure.
062-371Exposure Lamp not lighting (or very dim)
071-101 thru 071-105Paper Jams from Tray 1 at takeaway or registration
071-210Tray 1 Lift failure
072-101 thru 072-105Paper jams from Tray 2 at takeaway or registration
072-210Tray 2 Lift failure
073-101 thru 073-105Paper jam from Tray 3 at takeaway or registration
073-210Tray 3 Lift failure
074-101 thru 074-105Paper jam from Tray 4 at takeaway or registration
074-210Tray 4 Lift failure
075-100 thru 075-135Paper jam from Tray 5 at takeaway or registration
075-210/211Tray 5 Lift failure / Lift down failure
077-103 thru 077-118Fuser Exit Sensor jam or final Exit Sensor jam.
077-120Post 2nd BTR Roll Sensor jam
077-123 thru 077-130Inverter jams
077-300Front Cover interlock open
077-301Left Door interlock open
077-302Right Cover interlock open
077-303Transfer Module 2 interlock open
077-909Paper detected in paper path at power-on
078-100 thru 078-151Paper jam from Tray 6 / High Capacity Feeder (HCF) at takeaway or registration
078-250Tray 6 (HCF) Lift failure
078-300HCF (Hi Capacity Feeder) Top Cover interlock open
078-301HCF Docking Interlock open
089-600 thru 089-617Image Registration Control problems
091-311BCR and Black Charge Corotron Cleaner control problem
091-312Black Charge / Preclean HVPS (Hi Volt Power Supply) failure

091-313Drum Cartridge CRUM (chip) communication failure
091-320Black Charge Corona Wire is broken
091-400Waste Toner Bottle replacement needed soon
091-401Black Drum Cartridge near end of life
091-403Black Charge Corotron Assembly near end of life
091-404Black Charge Corotron Assembly has reached end of life
091-411Yellow Drum Cartridge near end of life
091-421Magenta Drum Cartridge near end of life
091-431Cyan Drum Cartridge near end of life
091-910Waste Toner Bottle not detected
091-911Waste Toner Bottle full
091-913Black Drum Cartridge at end of life
091-914 thru 091-916 or 091-921Black Drum Cartridge CRUM communication problems
091-917/920/924/925/927Yellow Drum Cartridge CRUM communication problems
091-918/922/ 928Magenta Drum Cartridge CRUM communication problems
091-919/923/ 926/929Cyan Drum Cartridge CRUM communication problems
091-932Yellow Drum Cartridge end of life
091-933Magenta Drum Cartridge end of life
091-934Cyan Drum Cartridge end of life
092-649/650ADC Sensor Shutter failures
092-651/652IBT Belt ADC Sensor (MOB ADC) failures
092-653 thru 092-660ATC (from Developer Unit) problems…653/657=yellow, 654/658=magenta, 655/659=cyan, 656/660=black
093-300Marking Drawer Interlock open
093-313 thru 093-317Toner Dispense problems… 314=Y, 315=M, 316=C, 317=K (black)
093-320Developer Motor failure
093-421 thru 093-425Toner Cartridges low 421/422=K(black), 423=Y, 424=M, 425=C
093-600 thru 093-912Toner Dispense problems (600=Y, 601=M, 602=C, 603/912=K(Black),
093-918 thruToner CRUM failures (918/924 /925/926/936/ 940=K(black),927/933/937 =Y, 928/934/938 = M , 929/935/939=C
094-320/3211st BTR (Transfer Roll) retract or contact problems
094-322/3232nd BTR (Transfer Roll) retract or contact problems
102-xxx codesGenerally: Network Controller (ESS) problems
112-700Finisher Punch Dust Box full (hole punch bin)
116-xxx codesGenerally: Network Controller (ESS) problems
123-xxx codesGenerally: UI (control panel) faults
124-xxx codesGenerally: Configuration errors (e.g., serial number disagreement between various boards or machine speed errors, etc)
127-xxx codesPrinting failures

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